Binge Watching With Celebyte

OTT Platforms have really been a boon in this pandemic period as they offer a vast number of web series that have entered the hearts of people and have secured its position in the eyes of its viewers and have been very entertaining in this stressful time. We at Celebyte work together with your favourite web series’ stars and have got them onboard with us. You can request video calls, video messages and text messages from celebrities like Hemant Kher who was a lead cast of one of the best Indian Series “Scam 1992”, Amangsha Biswas who is very versatile in this industry, Vidya Malvade from mismatched, Shaji Chaudhary from Mirzapur, Tridha Choudhary from Aashram, Nyra Banerjee from Operation Cobra

You can explore many more on You have the advantage to binge watch the video messages from your favourite star just how you binge watch their extraordinary movies and series whenever you want, wherever you want and Celebyte can help you with that.

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