24Hrs Home Delivery

Time is really precious and we all know that we need everything to be done as soon as possible no matter what the work is, we are going so fast in this modern generation and everything is not on the same track as everyone, last minute planning has been a very common problem for 90% of us and it’s no one’s fault. Everyone has so much on their plate and we can’t really blame them for these things.

Well, Celebyte acts as a rescue here. We launched a new service just to cope up with these things and provide a hassle-free instant service to our valuable customers. We provide videos made from your favourite stars just within 24 hours, so that you don’t miss anything. This service is provided by your favourite celebrities like Delnaaz Irani https://www.celebyte.com/delnaaz-irani, Rushad Rana https://www.celebyte.com/rushad-rana, Tanmay Vekaria https://www.celebyte.com/tanmay-vekaria, Micky Makhija https://www.celebyte.com/micky-makhija, Jaan Kumar Sanu https://www.celebyte.com/jaan-kumar-sanu and many more on http://www.celebyte.com to provide you services like Video Calls, Video message and text messages under 24 hours. So if you are confused and don’t know what to gift your friend, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or your loved ones something on their special day hop on to our website and book a byte with Celebyte and get your home delivery within 24hrs.

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